Lee Haywood's Chain Reaction 3.01

Chain Reaction (aka Critical Mass, aka Atoms) is an addictive, multi-player 'board' game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Lee J Haywood
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Lee Haywood's Chain ReactionLee Haywood's Chain ReactionLee Haywood's Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction (aka Critical Mass, aka Atoms) is an addictive, multi-player 'board' game. Lee Haywood's Chain Reaction is easy to learn to play. There is a computer player (for 2 player games only).

Players take turns to add units (blobs) of their colour to either an empty cell or a cell they already occupy.
Once the number of blobs in a cell equals the number of neighbouring cells - 2 in a corner, 3 along an edge and 4 elsewhere - the blobs 'explode', adding 1 blob to each neighbour and leaving the original cell empty.
The neigbouring cell may then have enough blobs to explode as well - making their neigbours explode, and so on - a chain reaction.
Any blobs affected by the chain reaction change colour to that of the person making the move - this is how other player's cells are taken.
Wipe out your opponent(s) and win - eventually someone is going to win because the total number of blobs increases by 1 with each move, gradually filling the board.

Here are some key features of "Lee Haywood s Chain Reaction":

Provides a high-quality computer player (for a single opponent).
Allows between 2 and 6 players.
Graphical implementation - can be played either in a window or in full-screen mode.
Configurable for different screen resolutions, allowing massive boards to be used.
Audio support for both sound-cards and simple beeps/bells.
Features a grid editor.
Automatically moves the mouse pointer back to the current player's last position.
Indicates where each player last went.
Shows progress indicators for each player and for the whole game.
Player names may be entered and saved.
Players can choose their favourite colour to play with.
Foreground and background 'skins' may be changed.
Saved states can be automatically loaded when the program starts.

Game options:
Provides the ability to undo and redo all moves.
Games in progress can be saved and resumed later.
Locks keyboard and mouse controls individually for each player.
Players can stick with their favourite colour when the order of play is changed.
Sound can be turned on and off during a game (for both samples and beeps).


SDL if compiling from sources
FPC (Free Pascal Compiler) for computer player

What's New in This Release:

Assume that configured file names are relative to the current user's home directory.
Added the ability to create a settings file in Linux in the user's home directory called .reactionrc which overrides any system-level settings.
Some small fixes

Last updated on July 11th, 2006

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