KZap 0.2

KZap is an addictive puzzle game based on Zoop.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 12
Ade Olonoh
ROOT \ Games \ Puzzle
1 KZap Screenshot:
KZap project is an addictive puzzle game based on Zoop.

The object is to clear the blocks that quickly advance towards the center grid.

The game is played by moving the triangle in the center of the screen and "zapping" the blocks in the surrounding grid. Blocks are added to the outer rows, pushing the existing blocks closer and closer to the center of the screen. The game ends when a block advances into the center 4x4 grid controlled by your triangle.

A block can be removed from the board if it is zapped when the triangle and the block are the same color. Consecutive blocks of the same color can be removed in a single shot. If the block is a different color than the triangle, the colors of the block and triangle will be swapped.

Upon removing the number of blocks displayed in the "Remain" count you will advance to the next level. At each new level, the board is cleared and the blocks advance at an increased speed.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed bug of a phantom block remaining sometimes when starting a new level
Changed so two consecutive blocks aren't added to the same quadrant
Added a toolbar
Changed the timer decrement formula
Added special items
Miscellaneous build changes (Robert Gogolok)
Added handbook documentation

Last updated on December 28th, 2006

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