KLACK 0.005

KLACK is a small game with spheres.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Andre Kloss
ROOT \ Games \ Puzzle
KLACK project is a small game with spheres.

KLACK gives you the command over a sphere (you control it via one key, visit the page to see how) which you have to use to hit another sphere or make another sphere hit a third sphere.

Rules for "KLACK":

Center of the game are the spheres. You can accelerate yours by pressing your key. The player keys are: Tab, Space, Keypad-Plus and Mouse Whenever a sphere collides with another, points may be awarded or removed from the player's score.
You will notice the pointer in the lower right of the window. It shows the direction of the actual acceleration.
In the lower left, all player scores are shown.
Right beneath the scoreboard, a timer is showing the seconds left until the game ends.
Between the timer and the direction pointer is a small diagram showing the rules for awarding points. Everyone starts with zero points and nobody can get less than zero points. In the diagram, a green arrow means that a point is awarded, and a red arrow means a point is removed. A black arrow means the points are carried over. By now, we have two game modi:
Shuffle: The original game. You control (more or less) the green sphere, and try to let the yellow sphere hit the blue sphere while avoiding the red sphere. Fair enough, hu?
Cascade: This Four-Player-game is quite easy to explain: Bump into your right neighbor, but don't get hit by the left. Naturally, the leftmost player has to fear the rightmost.


Spheres may bump into or even through each other. I now have the outlines of an improved algorithm that does vector clipping.
After a cascade game only player 1's score is shown.
The manpage is incomplete and needs translation.

Last updated on January 2nd, 2007


#four spheres #rotating pointer #score counters #KLACK #four #spheres #rotating

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