JPortal 1.0

An implementaion of a trading card game

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GPL v3 
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JPortal simulates a trading card game. Two player games are supported. There can be either 1 or 2 computer players and at the moment a maximum of one human player.

JPortal is extensible to support new cards via scripting functionality.

The AI is also extensible by scripting.

The idea of the game is based on the old Magic the Gathering (TM) starter packages: Portal.

Welcome to the fascinating world of JPortal. You and your opponent are mighty wizards and you take out a duel over the rulership over a magic dimension. As a magician your draw your energies from lands, conjure creatures for the battle and cast spells which may have effects on the game.

Each player uses his own deck, which represents his magic abilities. Following is a short summary of a typical JPortal game:

 * first you draw from your deck seven cards. These cards represent different lands, creatures or sorceries.
 * in every turn you can bring one land into the game. Lands provide you with the energy you need to play out creatures or sorceries
 * creatures that you summon can either be used as attackers or as blockers. Each turn your creatures may attack your opponent and deliver damage. Or your creatures might be used to block off an attack of your opponent.
 * you will also need lands to cast sorceries. Sorceries are cards with different effects on the game, which may for example help you or do damage to your opponent.
 * while playing you will collect more and more lands. This provides you with more energy to summon more powerful creatures or cast more powerful sorceries. But your opponent certainly also gets stronger over the time.
 * if your are the first to reduce your opponents life points from 20 to zero, your will be the champion of your duel

Last updated on July 28th, 2010

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