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A card game of strategy and luck.

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Ilk is a card game of luck and strategy. Each player starts off with 50 points of "life," and the winner of the game is the last player "alive," (i.e. the last player with any life). Life can be gained and lost in many ways, including "healing" yourself, "attacking" other players with "creatures" you can conjure, or directly damaging other players with a "spell."

The "field," or table on which you play, can be seen as a battlefield, and you can conjure "creatures" onto the field to attack others or defend yourself. Creatures are basically two value cards where one value card stands for the creature's damage (how much damage it can do to another player/creature), and the other is the creature's life points.

Once you've conjured a creature (which involves discarding other cards of equal or greater amount than the value of the creature), you put it face up on the field in front of yourself, and you can use it to attack other players, or to defend yourself. Attack and defense using creatures is the key element of the game. Below are more detailed rules concerning terminology, creatures, battle, special cards: King (direct damage spell), Queen (healing spell), Jack (double any value), Ace (extra life for a creature), and other aspects of game play.

Last updated on September 15th, 2008

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