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A classic version of the Reversi game, where you have to dominate the board in order to win

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Iagno is an open source board game specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment, providing users with a classic version of a Reversi game, played with 64 pieces (white and black) on a 8x8 grid.

How to play Iagno

While on one side of the board it uses dark pieces, on the other side it uses light pieces. Every time a piece is captured, it is automatically turned over to the other player's forces. The player who has the most pieces of their color at the end of the game wins the match.

As mentioned, the game start with a 8x8 grid and four pieces, two for each color. You can play the game with the AI or with another human player. The current number of pieces for each player are displayed at all times on the right side of the grid.

Features at a glance

The game features undo functionality, which will allow players to undo their most recent move in case they've changed their minds. At the end of a match, you will notice a reload button under the score board, which allows players to start a new game.

Besides playing the game with another human, it is also possible to set both players as AI and watch them play in order to observe their gameplay strategy. The AI features three levels of difficulty. Furthermore, you can choose between two different sets of tiles, as well as to enable or disable sound.

Designed for GNOME

Because Iagno integrates well with the GNOME desktop environment, it is also possible to start a new game from the App Menu in the GNOME Panel, where you can also access the program's Preferences dialog.

Clicking the Help option from the App Menu will give users instant access to the game's documentation, where you can learn how to play, the rules of the game, as well as strategy tips. Unfortunately, a pause function is missing from this game.

Iagno was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
Iagno - Playing the Iagno board game under the GNOME desktop environment

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