Cube Escape 0.8

Progress over a maze etched on the surface of a cube

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What's new in Cube Escape 0.7:

  • Added option to set the beginning level.
  • Various fixes.
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GPL v3 
Sean McKean
ROOT \ Games \ Puzzle
4 Cube Escape Screenshots:
Cube Escape - Main menuCube Escape - Options screenCube Escape - Playing Cube EscapeCube Escape - Playing Cube Escape
In this game you are inside a cube made up of numerous shells, with a maze etched on the surface of each shell. Escape the cube by traveling through the mazes, including over cube edges, until you find an upward exit. When you reach the red exit, you win.

To run:

Under Linux, type  ./cube-escape  at a terminal to run.


At the options screen:

'Exit distance' controls exit distance factor of farthest possible distance from maze beginning for each cube shell; the smaller the factor, the closer the exit to the next shell. 'Number of levels' controls how many shells to calculate before final exit.

'Starting level' controls which shell to start player on.

In game:

Move player around maze with arrow keys. Holding shift down and pressing the arrow keys rotates maze clockwise, counter-clockwise, or adjusts zoom; holding control and pressing the arrow keys rotates to a different face of the cube. Pressing 'a' key over a green exit makes the player ascend one level; 'd' over a blue exit makes the player descend. The Enter key handles both ascending and descending appropriately. Pressing 'f' sets the camera mode for following the player on/off. Press '=' to restore previous zoom level. Press 'q' to quit.

Last updated on November 20th, 2009


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