CSudoku 1.0

CSudoku is a command line Sudoku solving program.
CSudoku is a command line Sudoku solving program. CSudoku project solves the popular 9x9 versions of Sudoku using Donald Knuth's Dancing Links algorithm.

It was created as a fun exercise in computer programming and not necessarily to be a program useful to anyone in particular.

There are many other Sudoku solving programs that are more refined and have many more features than this program would ever dream of having.


1. unpack csudoku-1.0.tar.gz
2. cd csudoku-1.0/src
3. run make


To run the sudoku program you will first need to install it using the steps as outlined above. Now, assuming you are in the directory csduoku-1.0/src, invoke the command:

./sudoku < infile

where infile is an input file containing 1 or more 9x9 Sudokus. For the format of the infile you can check out the file top95. In fact you can use the top95 file to test the program. By invoking the command:

./sudoku < ../top95

you should see some input and output details and at the end under "Overall Statistics" it should read

95 out of 95 were valid
0 has no solution(s)
95 had unique solution(s)
0 had multiple solution(s)

If this was done successfully you can now use the program to solve whatever Sudoku puzzle is giving you trouble. Enjoy!

last updated on:
May 31st, 2006, 20:57 GMT
developed by:
Dwayne Crooks
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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