Arcadiban 1.0.0

Arcadiban is a Java clone of the famous Sokoban game created 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alexander Egger
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Arcadiban is a Java clone of the famous Sokoban game created 1980 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi.

The player pushes items around a in a maze in order to position them on designated locations. Only one Item may be pushed at a time and the items can not be pulled. Once all designated locations are occupied by items the level as completed an the player continues to the next (harder) level.

This implementation of Sokoban can be easily extended with new levels and new graphics by just placing level descriptions (text files) and images into a directory.

The Arcadiban game can be packaged into a simple jar file which makes it simple to distribute. A Java web start functionality is also provided.

And yes this way of playing Sokoban is definitely not as exhausting as moving around boxes in your cellar.


If you have troubles solving the first puzzle, try the microban levelset, they are much easier.

But if you want to know the solution to loma 001, check the Help for further information.

Play your own levels

If you created a jar file out of the source and want to play your own levels, create a directory called "levels" right next to the .jar and create a new levelset adding a folder with the prefix "levelset_" in it. Then create new files with the ending .lvl in this new levelset.

Level guidelines

But stick to some simple guidelines concerning the levels:

just use elements like:
# for walls
. for targets
$ for objects
@ for hero

additionally you can use:
* for an object on target
for a hero on target

do not place two heroes inside a level

Last updated on February 5th, 2008


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