xpertmud 3.1alpha2

xpertmud is a fully Perl-scriptable multi-window MUD Client for KDE2.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ernst Bachmann
ROOT \ Games \ MUD
xpertmud project is a fully Perl-scriptable multi-window MUD Client for KDE2.

xpertmud (eXtensible PERl scripTable MUD Client) is an extensible Perl/Python scriptable MUD client.

It supports multiple windows (which are fully scriptable), and has nearly all of the features you would expect from a MUD client: triggers, aliases, keybindings, timers, etc

Here are some key features of "xpertmud":

· Using full programming languages (Perl/Python) as scripting languages.
· Nice GUI bindings for scripting languages (open multiple windows, print to windows using ANSI control sequences).
· Scripting callbacks for text entered in the GUI and received from the mud. Enables you to program aliases and triggers.
· Bindings for key-press events (enables you to implement Num-Pad walking and hot-keys).
· Scripting callbacks for timers.
· Nice functions to handle your callbacks easily within the command line environment or scripts.
· Bindings to send text to the server from scripts.
· Dcop scripting capabilities.
· Nice plugin support. Simply put a widget into a plugin and write some wrapper code in the scripting language to use the plugin. Enables you to write any kind of control widgets or time-critical calculations using C++.
· Multi-Line line edit. Just press ctrl-enter to get a new line of input.
· Mud Compression Protocol.
· Support for charset negotiation over telnet
· Support for lots of different charsets, including full utf8 support


· Qt
· Perl
· Python

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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