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mcl project is a MUD client for Linux.




mcl project is a MUD client for Linux.

mcl is a MUD client running in a Virtual Console under Linux or using standard TTY routines under any other UNIX.

Embedded Perl or Python offer very high tweakability. Other features include huge scrollback, a stable input line with the MUD prompt, Perl regexps for actions and substitutions.

Here are some key features of "mcl":

Runs under Virtual Console in Linux (fast) or under a TTY (slower, but works under any UNIX and xterms)
Color scrollback buffer, the size of which is limited only by available memory.
Telnet GA support - prompt and input line are at the bottom, and the prompt is not displayed in the main window.
Command history - press arrow up to get a window with the last commands which you can scroll through using standard navigation keys.
Aliases - tintin style, multiple commands per alias, aliases can call other aliases.
Automatic login - specify commands to be run on connect to remote server (e.g. name and password).
Stable ANSI color code support: if an ANSI color code is received broken in two packets (as it often happens to me on a color-heavy MUD on a PPP connection) the color code is reassembled and displayed correctly.
Windows that display output from commands (e.g. traceroute, finger).
Windows that you can print to using built-in commands: useful for e.g. logging all tells to a separate window.
Actions using regular expressions as well as substitutions using Perl's powerful regexp library
Macro keys - key e.g. Keypad 8 to send "north"
User interface is fairly configurable (done using a text file).
Embedded Perl or Python support for scripting (embedded interpreter modules are dynamically loaded)
Supports the MCCP compression standard
Partial support for the zChat and MudMaster peer-to-peer chat protocols

What's New in This Release:

Generally fixups for compilation with modern gcc
Last updated on November 8th, 2006

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