Ymusk 0.99

Ymusk is a Perl/Tk mush client.

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Yanick Champoux
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Ymusk project is a Perl/Tk mush client.

ymusk stands for Yenzie's Mush Klient. It is a mush client written in Perl, and it is built around the Net::Telnet and Tk modules.

It is meant to be a simple program which is easily customizable. Its features include logging, macro definition, speech filters, command history, and ANSI colors.

Here are some key features of "Ymusk":

Mouse wheel support (new in v0.99).
Three types of text scrolling: none, automatic or more-like (for those weaned on tinyfugue).
Support of ANSI colors.
Text filters - have your character speaks in pig latin, or in rot13, or, worse still, in French. Okay, so I was kidding about French. But pig latin and rot13 are really there, and they are nearly as incomprehensible. :)
Logging function.
Inline commands. If you know Perl, you can add any type of commands you may think of.
Configuration file including worlds definition, setting of colors, margin and paragraph spacing, etc.
ICQ-like GUI to manage pages.
Possibility to call Perl directly from the input window.
Multi-output screen offering a separated view of channel discussions, pages, game messages and IC text.
Multi-input boxes for the multi-taskers among us.
Clock telling you how much time you wasted on the mush. :)
Spell-checking (for Un*x platforms only).
Automatic warning when connection is lost.
Forms to send @mail, pages and general (but usually long) stuff. Great for bboard posting and @descs.

What's New in This Release:

Mouse wheel support has been added.

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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