TinyMUX is a text-based game server in the MUSH family.

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What's new in TinyMUX

  • SSL, Unicode, and dynamically-loadable modules are supported.
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The MUX 2 Project
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TinyMUX is a text-based game server in the MUSH family.

The project is a platform that allows several thousand players to connect to a single text-driven environment, and interact with each other and with the environment (which is maintained in a database).

The rich programming environment can be used to build almost anything, limited only by the developer's imagination.

Instructions for New Installations:

1. cd src/ to the source directory. Run './configure'.

This will customize autoconf.h and Makefile for your system. Add
the option '--enable-wodrealms' to enable WOD Realms (See
docs/REALMS). Add '--enable-memorybased' to enable Memory-Based
database handling (as opposed to the default disk-based database
handling. See docs/MEMORY).

2. Edit the Configuration section of the Makefile. This is usually
not needed. Most likely, all you will need to change are any C++
flags needed by your particular C++ compiler,(in particular
-fpcc-struct-return), and any esoteric libraries needed by your
system. There may also be some #defines in config.h that you may want
to change, but in general, the defaults should not be changed.

3. Run make depend, then make. This will produce netmux, slave,
and dbconvert.

4. When starting from a MUX from scratch, do the following:

- cd to the game directory. 'cd ../game'
- Make your configuration file, as described in docs/CONFIGURATION
- Type './Startmux'. TinyMUX 2.6 automatically creates a minimal
DB if one does not exist in the game/data directory.
- Log into the game as player wizard 'connect wizard potrzebie',
and shut it down again.

5. Edit the .txt files in game/text to your liking. In particular
connect.txt and motd.txt.

6. Start up TinyMUX 2.6 by running './Startmux' again.

7. @ccreate a channel named 'Public', and a channel named 'Guests' from
within the MUX. Created players will automatically be joined to
'Public'with alias 'pub', guests will automatically join 'Guests' with
alias 'g'.

Last updated on October 12th, 2008

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