TinyFugue 5.0 Beta 8

TinyFugue project is a MUD client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 23
Ken Keys
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TinyFugue project is a MUD client.

TinyFugue, aka "tf", is a flexible, screen-oriented MUD client, for use with any type of MUD. TinyFugue is one of the most popular and powerful mud clients.

What's New in This Release:

· Added %max_hook to prevent infinite hook loops.
· Added gethostname().
· Added missing documentation for new "E" and "W" attributes. (50b7)
· Added "inline" flag to decode_attr().
· Added -a< attr > and -p options to /prompt.
· Output of "/load testcolor.tf" now includes labels with r,g,b values.
· May create a debugging log if tf crashes.
· When invoked as a login shell, suspend is ignored, instead of hanging parent (workaround for sshd, which does not correctly set TSTP signal handler).
· Fixed: after a resize with visual=off, the screen was not redrawn. (50b7)
· Fixed: after a resize with visual=off, an immediate backspace or other input deletion would crash tf: "Internal error: output.c, line 2501". (50b7)
· Fixed: server display attributes could be lost if they had wrapped from a previous line and were followed by more attributes.
· Fixed: /filter changed the idea of the virtual bottom line, so a subsequent /unfilter redrew from the new incorrect bottom, and a subsequent /filter used the new incorrect bottom as a starting point for applying a new filter (resulting in a spurious "no lines match criteria" if the only matching lines are between the correct and incorrect bottoms).
· Fixed potential crashes in calling functions with invalid arguments: strrep(), status_fields().
· Fixed: on servers with terminated (GOAHEAD or EOR) prompts, tf could lose the first part of a server line in the rare condition of tf sending a line between receiving the first and second parts of the server line.
· Fixed: non-time decimal values greater than 60 were sometimes formatted as time values. (50b7)
· Fixed fatal bug in moresize() on a world that has never been /connect'ed.
· Fixed infinite loop when replace() is called with empty first argument.
· Fixed: with visual=off, /dokey flush (^[j) did not clear the more prompt.
· Fixed: /recordline ignored -a option if -p was not also given.
· Fixed fatal bug on some systems in /listsockets when there are connectionless sockets open.
· Fixed: various bad things could happen if a trigger attempted to apply a partial hilite to a line longer than 32767 characters.
· Fixed bugs on 64-bit platforms: /fg -c (Debian bug #327448), some variable assignments
· Fixed: some cases of hostname resolution failure could cause a crash
· More robust TELNET protocol handling reduces problems on noncompliant servers: Ignores option subnegotiation if option has not been agreed on. If IAC SB (0xff 0xfa) is received before any other telnet command, the server is treated as a non-telnet server.
· Upgraded configure.in to autoconf 2.59 (should affect developers only)

Last updated on January 15th, 2007

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