Thud 1.4

Thud is a graphical 'heads up display' for BTech MUX.

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BSD License 
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Anthony Parker
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3 Thud Screenshots:
Thud is a graphical 'heads up display' for BTech MUX. It can connect to any BTech MUX that supports a certain protocol known as 'hudinfo.' By default, it is set up to connect to 3030MUX and Frontiers.

Thud (Tony's Heads Up Display) is a pure Java client designed to retrieve combat-related data from the game and display it in a easier-to-read tactical display. It will display a tactical map, contacts list, weapons status, armor status, heat status, and more. The map displays terrain, cliffs, your own unit, and enemy units. There are a plethora of options available to customize the client to suit your style of playing. Thud is great for new players and veterans alike!

See the screenshots to get a good idea of what Thud looks like.

Here are some key features of "Thud":

ANSI color support
An impressive tactical map display: see screenshots
All enemy and friendly contacts with headings
Unique icons for each movement type
Current heading and desired heading indicators
Weapons arc indicators
An overall armor percentage display
A heat indicator
Display of hex numbers if desired
Varying colors of hexes based on height
A separate contacts window
Customizable colors and font sizes
Much more...


Java Runtime Environment 5.0 or higher - tested with JRE 6 on Ubuntu 7.10

What's New in This Release:

New Features:
MUX-format map files can now be loaded via File -> Load Map.
Weather information is retrieved and displayed on the bottom of the tactical window.
A LOS overlay has been added. Under 'Map', select 'Show LOS Info' and hexes not in your current LOS will have a cyan/blue overlay added to them.
Preferences data has been moved to the Java Preferences API, meaning that thudprefs.prf is ancient history and that preferences will no longer get clobbered between versions now.
Thud now has an icon!
Keybindings have been implemented, mirroring XpertMUD's keys for users' convenience. The number pad is bound to headings, F1-F3 fires tics, shift-F1-F3 lists tics, ctrl-number keys sights weapons, alt-number keys fires weapons, ctrl-numpad targets body parts, alt-numpad-7/8/9 rotates torso.
Connection shortcuts (formerly ctrl-#) have been moved to ctrl-shift-# to allow keybindings to function. They no longer work while you're already connected somewhere else. The 'Update' menu has been removed, with 'Update Tactical Map Now' moved to the HUD menu.
When connected to a MUX, its address is displayed in the Thud title bar.

Bug Fixes:
Cliff detection now functions properly between water and land hexes.
Fixed a minor issue with the heat scale for turreted units.

Last updated on February 11th, 2008

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