ScryMUD 2.1.13

ScryMUD is a MUD with a Java client.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Edward Roper
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ScryMUD project is a MUD with a Java client.

ScryMUD is a MUD written completely from scratch that has a full feature set including persistant belongings, a ree-based skill/spell system, game-navigated vehicles, complex scripting, player-owned stores and houses, and much more. The distribution also comes with Hegemon, a Java client that provides a nice UI for ScryMUD's Online Building.

Here are some key features of "ScryMUD":

· Completely original world and code. We have 6000+ rooms, 400+ mobs and 400+ objects.
· Integrated Java Client (applet/application) which offers a nice interface to the game and to the Online Building tools.
· Player controlled shops (you get the goods, set the prices, and collect the dough.)
· Can Brew potions. This requires the brew skill, a cauldron, and the necessary ingredients.
· Can Scribe Scrolls. Requires a scroll, pen, and knowledge of the spell.
· Spells become less powerful when there are many scrolls/potions that can cast them in the game. This balances the above features.
· Skills and Spells are learned in a tree-like manner. You must learn the pre-requesites to at least 50% before you can move on to the skills/spells it enables. So, you can customize the character to your liking and are limited only by the number of practices you have.
· Game-navigated vehicles (though not widely used in the game yet.)
· Complex NPC scripting so that the builders can make quests and other interesting things.
· Mobs have some personality traits, which can influence their behavior in battle and afterwards. Some will track you down and kill you (and then return to their starting point. Others may heal you if you are badly hurt.
· Bulletin boards for in-game communication, as well as gossip, yell, and other channels.
· Banks to keep your cash safe for you.
· Configurable ANSI color.
· Some multi-lingual capability.
· Released under the GPL

What's New in This Release:

· This release includes the addition of weather, several new spells and socials, minor improvements to ranged combat, and assorted bugfixes.
· Daemonizing code in particular should be a bit safer now.

Last updated on July 22nd, 2007

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