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A MUD server that is often used for running social or role-playing games





PennMUSH is a MUD server that is often used for running social or role-playing games, with an extensive internal programming language.

A mud ("multi-user dungeon") is a form of textual virtual reality program. A mud server is a computer program which maintains a world database containing players, objects, rooms, exits, and programs.

People connect to the mud server by using the telnet command or a dedicated mud client, and take on characters in the virtual world, interacting with other players from around the (real) world.

Common activities include game playing, role-playing, socializing, world-building, etc. These servers have also been used for education, research, and artistic endeavors.

A MUSH ("multi-user shared hallucination") is a type of mud which is often used for social and role-playing activities. It is derived from "Tinymud", an early mud server. Its distinguishing features are that any player can typically extend the virtual world by building new rooms and objects, and its internal programming language, MUSHcode, which is considered to be fairly easy to learn.
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