PAiN 0.46

PAiN is a new MUD code base written in Java.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 22
Mike Fursov
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PAiN project is a new MUD code base written in Java.

PAiN is a new MUD codebase written in Java. It provides a general purpose persistence engine (PAiN DB) and the ability to do dynamic code reloading.

Here are some key features of "PAiN":

Pure Java database engine (transparent constant-time object access, tracking of the dirty state, transactions and savepoints support).
Static server code (connection handling, support for code reloading and base interfaces).
Dynamic reloadable set of action classes and plugins (virtual world logic code and plugins).
Graphical tool to administrate server and database

What's New in This Release:

PAiNDB: Collections could be saved separately from object image.This option should be used if collection is not the only field of dbobject, it has size of 20-40 items and dbobject fields are changed often. Saving collection separately will reduce flushing and object backup time inside transactions.
PAiNDB: DbObject.provideSchema() is now static method and required for all non-abstract DBObject impls. This allows to import class schema into db without object instantiation.
GUITool: fully rewritten, modules concept added.
Codebase: more admin console commands.
Tinylyb: roles removed: Reset, ResetGroup. SpaceGroup was renamed to Area.
Tinylib: 'more' shell implemented(this shell should be used to show multipage output)
Tinylib: online builder bugfixing.
PAiNDB: fixed bug with error on objects removal with non-empty StringMap type fields.
Tinylib: bugs in @build mode fixed. More complete visualization for array-type fields
Tinylib: number of small enhancements.

Last updated on December 19th, 2006

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