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Mordor MUD is a multi-user text based Internet Game Server.




Mordor MUD project is a multi-user text based Internet Game Server.

Mordor is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), developed in ANSI C on Linux, that will run on most UNIX and Microsoft systems.

It includes source code, Linux binaries, and a large stock database for quick and easy set up on an Intel-based system.

Mordor can be divided into two large catagories: The Server and The Database.

The Server: this is the application responsible for the update of the game. It accepts users input, mixes it with the actions programmed by the database, and calculates the results. It then update the user's state, as well as the state of the database.

The Database: the database can be tought of as the 'world' in which everything on the MUD occurs. It includes all the creatures, items, rooms, and players in the game and is constently changing due to the actions of users, as well as with respect to time. The database can be divided into 4 basic parts:

Rooms: the map or layout of any Mordor database begins with rooms. This is the most fundamental unit of construction, as it can contain all other database objects. Creation of a Mordor Database (or world) begins by planning the relationship between the rooms. This is analogos to 'mapping' out the roads, streets, buildings, etc associated with the world.

Creatures: these are the inhabitants of the world you are creating. They can be programmed to behave in a number of ways, and usually spend most of their time wandering about minding their own busniess or interacting with the players in the game.

Players: the players are created by real people that connect via the internet to the Mordor Server. The Server saves the player's information as part of the database.

Items: the items are the 'objects' in the database. They can be any real-world object that you might encounter. Common items like clothing, books, signs, armor, weapons, etc. fall into this catagory.
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