Momoko 0.4.1

Momoko is a multi-user development environment.
Momoko project is a generic, object-oriented, modular, extensible environment for creating multi-user environments.

It is suitable for writing MUDs, servers, and community-based Web sites.

It is written in pure Java and supports Java and Python as internal scripting languages.

Momoko provides facilities for organizing objects into tree-based hierarchies, orthogonal persistence, a transparent distributed objects system, remote access to source code and user files via WebDAV, a telnet-enabled shell for manipulating the object database, and an integrated build process which can be triggered remotely.

Momoko imports various information which exists on the Internet into a distributed, object-oriented, virtual filesystem. You can then export such information in various ways to the Internet.

Momoko currently ships with modules to import IRC channels and MH-style mail archives. So you can both chat and check your e-mail via Momoko.

Momoko also ships with a MOO-like command set for interacting with the object tree and a fully functioning web forum for reading your mail archives and posting replies.

In a nutshell, Momoko is a MOO, a web application server, a threaded discussion forum, and an IRC client, all at once. And that's just what's currently shipping with it.

Momoko is, more than anything, a tool for building multi-user Internet applications.

The currently shipping ones were just the first things that I thought of.

last updated on:
September 13th, 2006, 2:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Brandon Wiley
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