MUES 20040422

MUES is a multi-threaded, event-driven Internet game environment server.

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MUES project is a multi-threaded, event-driven Internet game environment server written in Ruby.

It is intended to facilitate the building of online multi-player games or simulations, by providing one or more dynamically programmed object environments (worlds), the means to access these environments (using a network client), various useful services or daemons (for creating in-game systems), and an event system (for facilitating the interaction of all the parts).

The design of the MUES attempts to assume as little as possible about what sort of thing an 'environment' is, and so comes with little to no game code.

It is planned to eventually include code for useful game services, such as linguistics, physics, and a metaclass system for defining the classes which make up a game environment, but such things are only in their very nascent form in the current distribution.

Community contributions in this area are especially welcome.

What's New in This Release:

Removed LoginSession stuff.
Updated version constants to Subversion style.
Updated svn keyword property
Changed version constants to SVN style ones.
Fixed logging to be a bit more informative on shutdown.
Updated keyswords property.
Converted to PluginFactory.
Updated keyswords property.

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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