Lyntin 4.1.1

Lyntin is a Python-based MUD client and development framework.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 18
will guaraldi
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Lyntin project is a Python-based MUD client and development framework.

Lyntin is an extensible Mud client and framework for the creation of autonomous agents, or bots. Lyntin is centered around Python, a dynamic, object-oriented, and fun programming language.

Lyntin is written entirely in Python--a nicely written and very portable programming language.

Thusly Lyntin is platform independent. Lyntin is exposes the Python interpreter allow you more freedom than mere 'if you see this then send this' aliases and triggers.

They can be Python functions which do anything from setting a variable to forking a web spider. In addition, your code can interface with Lyntin's code.

Lyntin is great if:

1. you want a mud client that you can see the source code to and adjust it to suit your needs
2. you want a mud client that has a sophisticated API for enhancing and building bots/agents/triggers more advanced than "if you see this then do this"
3. you want a mud client that works on all your machines, has a text ui, a tk gui, and can also work over ssh/telnet

Lyntin is not great if:

1. you prefer wizards and menus to the command line
2. you hate Python
3. you want fancy bells and whistles in the ui

What's New in This Release:

fixed logs of bugs
fixed overuse of get_engine()
added a new cursesui
added tab completion mechanics to tk and curses user interfaces
optimized usage of filter_mapper style hooks
overhauled most of the managers removing unused methods/functions, simplifying the code, and making some fixes
moved variable storage from the VariableData objects to the Session object
enhanced the #@ command to behave more like the python interpreter command line

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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