JamochaMUD 4.9

JamochaMUD offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience.
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JamochaMUD is a MUD/Muck client written in Java.

JamochaMUD offers Unicode, plug-in, and multi-language support (8 different languages) to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience.

JamochaMUD project features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support.

It plays nice on Unix systems, supports a wide range of MU*s, and also includes emulation of some TinyFugue editor controls. It uses Java 1.1, and includes classes to be easily reused in other Java applications.

Main features:

  • General items:
  • JamochaMUD can handle Multiple MU* connections simultaneously
  • Support for both terminated and unterminated lines (common on many MU*s)
  • ANSI Colour support
  • Different frames (timers, main window, etc.) may be moved, hidden, or shown either synchronised or independent of each other.
  • Multi-language support (languages that are not supported currently can easily be added by folks that needn't even know how to program).
  • Unicode support (may currently not work?!), which allows the display of double-byte languages and Non-western language font support, such as Russian cyrillic characters
  • Support for JamochaMUD plugins the extend the features of the basic MU* client
  • Socks5 support (perhaps limited, but it does work!)
  • Programmable macros and definitions
  • File menu items:
  • Save your session output to a (plain text) file
  • Edit menu items:
  • Just the usual cut and paste features
  • Connection menu items:
  • Quick reconnect to a MU* that you had just left.
  • Option menu items:
  • Changing font size, type, and (base) colour
  • Changeable background colour
  • Assign external programs to deal with special features, such as URLs.
  • Socks5 support
  • Manage plugins independently of each other
  • Split Frames, which allows the input and output windows to be either combined or totally independent of one another.
  • Autofocus input (automagically sends typing to the text-input window if another frame of JamochaMUD is currently in focus).
  • Smooth display turned "double-buffering" of the MU* output area on or off. With double-buffering the redraw of the area is smoother, but slower. With double-buffering off, the refresh appears faster, but flickers more. (A personal taste thing!)
  • The ability to use Unicode characters when connected to a MU*. (This must be supported by the MU*).
  • The option to enable Tiny-fugue emulation. This enables JamochaMUD to emulate some of TF's " editor" keyboard controls.
  • Plug-ins menu: allows quick access to the properties of a plug-in
  • Help menu items:
  • The 'Help' function connects you to the JMUD pages... In theory this will supply you with the most up-to-date JamochaMUD info. Yes, always on the bleeding edge of text-based MU* technology!
  • Additions via available plug-ins:
  • Replacing JMUD's title with your current location
  • Gags and triggers allowing highlighting/dumping of text as well as audio hints (as of 2000-08-12).

last updated on:
March 12th, 2012, 16:24 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Jeff Robinson
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What's New in version 4.8
  • This release fixes dropped text and missing hyperlinks. JamochaMUD now partially supports MXP (MUD eXtension Protocol).
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