AIME 0.61.1

AIME is an Object Oriented (C++) MUD engine.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.7/5 15
George Noel
ROOT \ Games \ MUD
AIME project is an Object Oriented (C++) MUD engine.

AIME is a C++ MUD engine with an OO design, designed to provide utmost flexibility for the designer to create complex worlds.

It has a fully-functional builder port, online interpreted specials code, and a flexible levels/quest/profession track system to allow the game owners to set up any world they can imagine.

The code is being designed to be a flexible mud engine capable of allowing builders to express their creative minds fully.

It will provide players a complex world that will be fairly straightforward to get into but allow for increasing complexity as the player progresses.

What's New in This Release:

· Better handling for proper noun grammer in routine game text
· Added shutdown confirmation to avoid inadvertent
· Fixed a bug with HideCommands that gave the full command when users typed abbreviations
· Many crashbugs and other bugs fixed
· A better pointer tracking system to help prevent pointers pointing to garbage
· Added keepalive packets to help detect lost connections
· Made timeout messages indicate timeout instead of quit
· Swapped help file checking around. It looks for files first, then command entries next
· Support for actions done to self
· Support for game port spectating and snooping
· Follow and lose capability added for players
· Added a helplog function to log help requests that did not have help files associated (to detect trends for help files that should be added)

Last updated on December 14th, 2006

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