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xtarot is an application which plays Tarot cards.




xtarot project is an application which plays Tarot cards.

It tells your fortune with virtual Tarot cards. Three tarot spreads are available via a simple user interface.

xtarot is designed to be as flexable as possible.

For this reason I have now split it into two packages. This should be very good for people who want to keep up with the latest version because you now no longer need to download over 3 Meg of graphics every time there is a change to the code!


X11, it is of course an X Window application

Installing xtarot:

First get xtarot-1.0.x.tgz
get xtarot.resources.tgz

$ tar xvzf xtarot-1.0.x.tgx
$ mv xtarot.resources.tgz xtarot-1.0.x
$ cd xtarot-1.0.x
$ tar xvzf xtarot.resources.tgz
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

What's New in This Release:

Added 5 card Yes/No spread.
Added question() to prompt the user to meditate upon The Truth and enter a question. Shows how to use xlib to get keyboard input, still nasty - need to be more exact clearing an area after BackSpace is pressed.
Added esoteric reference to The Book of Mozilla.
Split package into two parts to make downloading the latest version quicker. You now need to get resources as a seperate package.
Last updated on December 13th, 2006

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