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JPokerTM is a JPoker Tournament Manager, a Poker Tournament application.





JPokerTM is a JPoker Tournament Manager, a Poker Tournament application.

As I am a very keen Python user and also an avid Poker player, I decided to write an Open Source Cross-Platform application in Jython (a Java implementation of Python - see to firstly make my life easier during our own home games (replacing written notes regarding blinds etc balanced against a pot plant).

There are many many improvements I want to make to this application, which is why it is currently designated as Alpha. However it is perfectly adequate as it stands to support my own home games, so I consider this a reasonable point to release it as v0.1. I would really like to have the chip value display working and that will probably go in v0.2.

This application is not really intended for use in huge tournaments like the WSOP where there will be more that 18 levels, it is more for home games and small card room tournaments. However if I get requests to support larger tournaments, I would certainly consider them.

What's New in This Release:

Compilation errors induced by version 2.2 of Jython was fixed.
This has primarily been achieved by using a Jython interpreter running from within a Java app.
An audible warning was added at end of the current level.
Last updated on November 10th, 2007
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