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DadaDodo is a program that generates random sentences based on input files.




DadaDodo project is a program that generates random sentences based on input files.

Sometimes these sentences are nonsense; but sometimes they cut right through to the heart of the matter, and reveal hidden meanings.

DadaDodo works rather differently than Dissociated Press; whereas Dissociated Press (which, incidentally, refers to itself as a ``travesty generator'') simply grabs segments of the body of text and shuffles them, DadaDodo tries to work on a larger scale: it scans bodies of text, and builds a probability tree expressing how frequently word B tends to occur after word A, and various other statistics; then it generates sentences based on those probabilities.

The theory here is that, with a large enough corpus, the generated sentences will tend to be grammatically correct, but semantically random: exterminate all rational thought.

This kind of probability histogram is called a Markov Chain, after Andrei Markov, the fellow who invented it. It turns out that Markov Chains can actually be used for things other than generating random text.

They are used in image processing, for feature recognition; and can be used to analyze finite-state machines for bottlenecks and critical paths: the states which occur most often are where the bottlenecks are.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed some crashes by using "unsigned char" everywhere.
Last updated on December 13th, 2006

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