ZDoom 2.7.1

An enhanced port of the official DOOM source.
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ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source. It features support for all Hexen editing features (including ACS, hubs, etc.), support for most BOOM editing features, freelook, jumping, and translucency support, a Quake-style console, high screen resolutions, removal of the original DOOM's limits, support for many more music formats (including MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MIDI, MP3, and MUS), better mouse support, UDP networking, and more.

Main features:

  • Supports all the editing features of Hexen. (ACS, hubs, new map format, etc.)
  • Supports most of the BOOM editing features.
  • The vast majority of Doom limits are gone (including the evil visplane overflow).
  • Free look (look up/down).
  • High resoulutions (with optimizations for modern processors).
  • Translucency (regular and additive).
  • A console.
  • More music formats: MOD, XM, IT, S3M, MIDI, and MP3 as well as MUS.
  • Better mouse support.
  • Limited UDP (Internet or LAN) networking inherited from Linux Doom.
  • Quake-style key bindings.
  • Jumping.
  • Crosshairs.
  • Walk over/under monsters and other things.
  • Runs under Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Linux. (There is a DOS version, but it's old.)

last updated on:
July 31st, 2013, 17:11 GMT
developed by:
Randy Heit
license type:
Freely Distributable
ROOT \ Games \ FPS
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What's New in This Release:
  • Support for Doom3 BFG Edition's IWADs was added.
  • ACS was enhanced to support new math and HUD functions.
  • DECORATE was enhanced to support new player properties.
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