UT2004: SAS 3.2

UT2004: SAS is an UT2004 Mod that focuses on the three main SAS units around the world.

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UT2004: SAS Team
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UT2004: SAS
UT2004: SAS is an UT2004 Mod that focuses on the three main SAS units around the world. SAS focuses on the three main SAS units around the world, the British SAS, the Australian SASR and the New Zealand NZSAS who all perform counter-terrorism, operating deep behind enemy lines, gathering intelligence and other duties in various countries.

Their main advesary is OpFor that stands for Opposing Forces who are a collection of the enemies the SAS have faced in past and present times. Their ranks are comprised of regular military, guerilla, terrorist and para-military groups.

Players can choose their in-game player model from a variety of uniforms based on its real world counterpart. From the environment based camouflage patterns of desert, woodland, and jungle to counter-terrorism kits players will have a wide variety of choices. Certain player models feature unique attributes such as body armor, anti-flash hoods and camouflage.

Weapon selection in SAS is done through a loadout system where you can select a primary weapon where your choices are a submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle or light machine gun. Secondary weapons include pistols while other parts of the loadout allow you to chose three different grenade types and a knife. Weapons in SAS can kill very easily, some with just a single three round burst.


Full version of UT2004

What's New in This Release:

Added Civilian for test purposes. Might be extended in future versions
Added 1st person animations for Sword and Bat
Added Throwing Knifes Animations
Added Fists as a weapon
Added new maps

Last updated on October 15th, 2007

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