Quake 2 Map Info 1.0.0

Quake 2 Maps Parser Utility
Quake 2 Map Info is a command-line utility that will parse a Quake 2 map file to report how many entities and textures are being used. Useful for spotting extra items to improve gameplay balance and/or reducing extra textures to increase map speed. Most map editors do not provide a detailed breakdown of what is inside a map.

Map Info should be compatible with any Quake 2 (ID Tech 2) game engine if the map file format has not be altered.

If a game has a different map format, you can modify the source code to reflect the new format. If you make such a modification, please email me the modification and a map file to test against.

Usage: mapinfo [-options | --options] [-f | --filename] filename

Developer comments

If you want me to make the modification, please email the name of the game and a map file to test against. An ideal map file would be the example map provided by the game (e.g., base1.map for Quake 2). I will implement an option switch for that map format and release a new version of Map Info.

last updated on:
February 26th, 2010, 12:13 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
C.D. Reimer & Associates
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Quake 2 Map Info
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