ProQuake 3.50

ProQuake is a Quake engine for advanced deathmatch play, including cheat-free mode.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.7/5 18
J.P. Grossman
ROOT \ Games \ FPS
ProQuake project is a Quake engine for advanced deathmatch play, including cheat-free mode.

ProQuake is a modification to the Quake source which is specifically intended for intense deathmatch play.

It is a rock solid set of enhancements to unmodified NetQuake, such as precise aim, and other small, simple changes that improve the quality of netplay enormously.

ProQuake is fully compatible with standard NetQuake and Clanring CRMod++ features including team scores, match timer, and client pings.

Here are some key features of "ProQuake":

· Eliminated cheat-free lag for modem players on 3.50 servers
· "cheatfree" command tells you if you're connected to a cheat-free server
· Connect to 3.40 servers through routers/NAT/IP Masquerading
· Four button mouse support
· Mouse wheel support
· Fullbright shaft in glpro
· r_polyblend in wqpro
· QuakePro+ bestweapon command
· Recognizes ip_address:port notation
· Remove 'r' from console output
· Added %d for binds to say where you died
· Various minor bug-fixes and improvements
· Eliminated cheat-free lag for 3.50 modem players
· Append "(cheat-free)" to the host name for cheat-free servers
· 3.40 clients can connect through routers/NAT/IP Masquerading
· iplog supports multiple concurrent servers
· Clients without map can connect to cheatfree server
· Cheat protection
· Fixed incoming message buffer overflow (q1crash)
· Added pq_logbinds to store player binds in log file

What's New in This Release:

· ProQuake 3.50 eliminates the lag that modem users were experiencing on cheat-free servers.

Last updated on December 12th, 2006

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