Ogrian Carpet 0.9

Ogrian Carpet is a 3D fantasy action/strategy game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 18
Mike Prosser
ROOT \ Games \ FPS
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Ogrian CarpetOgrian CarpetOgrian Carpet
Ogrian Carpet project is a 3D fantasy action/strategy game.

Ogrian Carpet is an outdoor first person shooter game with real time strategy elements, inspired by the game 'Magic Carpet'.

It uses Ogre3D as the renderer and allows you to fly around an island casting spells, summoning monsters, collecting mana, and building castles.

The object of the game is to build a castle, collect mana, and destroy your enemies. To build a castle, select a location, look at the ground, and cast the build spell. Note, you cannot build castles very close to water or other castles.

Your castle starts out small, with only one turret. As more mana is added to your castle, it will gain more turrets. Each turret adds another crane to your castle's defense and another spell to your arsenal.

Basically, the game consists of fighting for control of mana. Whenever you encounter another wizard, shoot them with fireballs. If you hit them enough, they will "die" and be sent back to their castle. You are then free to claim all the mana in the area for yourself.

Once all the mana has been claimed, attack your enemy's castle to get mana out of it so you can claim it for yourself. Once you enemy's castle is out of mana, you can eliminate it by killing it's heart. When all of your opponents have been banished, you've won.

What's New in This Release:

AI bot player for skirmish
things can now be loaded from an image, rather then randomly
option for old randomized maps
trees can now always bee seen
made castle mana drops aggregate more
loosened the restrictions on summoning
made the config menu better
added victory conditions to skirmish: kill all enemy towers/castles
made ticks and gnomes stay in the formation you put them in
made monsters and towers drop less then their cost when they have no wizard
made mana float higher
made towers cheaper (50)
made sentinels drop much less (3)
changed speed behavior on lava maps
added victory music
new music

Last updated on December 12th, 2006

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