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Odamex is a free (as in speech) client/server multiplayer engine for the classic first-person-shooter Doom.






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Odamex is a free (as in speech) client/server multiplayer engine for the classic first-person-shooter Doom.

Odamex is a modification of DOOM to allow players to compete with each other over the internet using the client/server architecture. Thanks to the source code release of DOOM by id Software in December 1997, there have been many modifcations that enhanced DOOM in various ways. These modifications are known as "source ports", as early modifications mainly ported DOOM to other platforms and operating systems such as Windows and Macintosh.

Odamex is based on the CSDoom 0.62 source code originally created by Sergey Makovkin, which is based on the ZDoom 1.22 source code created by Randy Heit.

Here are some key features of "Odamex":

· Out-of-the-box Standard Doom key bindings and settings for client and server
· Doom2.exe gameplay-related nuances have been reimplemented as standard
· Nuanced mouse code that replicates the precise feel of using the mouse in doom2.exe
· Demo playback support (recording coming soon) for both Doom LMP demos and a new, Odamex-specific demo format (LMP compatibility with doom2.exe is provided)
· Functional Deathmatch and Cooperative game modes, single player is also supported.
· Client and Server environment with in-game joining
· Theoretical support for up to 255 players
· New Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes
· Automatic downloading and verification of WAD files from the server
· Map cycling support
· On-the-fly WAD loading:
· When combined with map cycling, you can create a map AND wad rotation server!
· Wads can be loaded in single player mode too, no need to restart the client.
· RCON (Remote Console) Support
· Cheating and exploitation redundancy, no longer do you have to put up with cheaters!
· Additional higher-resolution video modes. In addition, a possible "accelerated" renderer is in the works, using OpenGL to deliver an experience identical to the original software renderer.


· A Pentium-compatible or PowerPC microprocessor
· 32MB of RAM
· An internet connection
· 3MB of hard disk space
· SDL v1.2.9+
· SDL_mixer v1.2.6+
Last updated on February 3rd, 2012

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