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Industri is a Quake based, single player game using a modified version of the Tenebrae 1.x engine.





Industri is a Quake based, single player game, first-person shooter, using a modified version of the Tenebrae 1.x engine. The Tenebrae engine is an Open Source (GNU GPL) modification of Quake that brings per-pixel lighting, stencil shadows, hi-res textures, bumpmap and normalmaps to the gaming experience.

The focus of Industri is a rich single-player game and engine. There is no multi-player at all. The initial release features two short maps (plus a 'start' or 'skill selection' map).

Industri will work under Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOSX however most of the testing has been performed on a Windows PC. Although Industri will run on a GeForce 2 video card, the targeted hardware is GeForce 3 or better.

Industri is released under the GNU GPL. The source code is available for download from the Industri web site via cvs or a tar.gz package.

How to play

An openGL video card and drivers are required. A full retail copy of Quake
is required.

Industri has not been tested under these operating system but it 'should' work. See the Tenebrae documentation at for tips.

If you do manage to get Industri to work under these operating system let me know what you did so I can update this documentation for others. If you need to make tweaks and/or changes to the code I would also like to hear about them for future releases.

Help, its very dark

Industri is designed to be played in a dark room with a well balanced monitor. On the opening level is a grey scale image. If you can not see all 6 bars (bar 1 is almost black but should be able to be seen) there are a few tweaks you can do.

Switch your room lights off and close the curtains.
Adjust your monitors brightness and contrast settings.
Wait until it is dark outside, then switch the lights off.
Adjust the brightness (gamma) level (see note 1 below)
Adjust the sh_lightmapbright value (see note 2 below)

If you can only see 2 or 3 wide or uneven width bars there is a chance you are playing in 16 bit colour. You should check your video card driver settings and make sure you are playing in 32 bit. (Some drivers force 16 bit colour by default)

Note 1:

You can adjust the brightness (gamma) by selecting the 'Options' menu item and adjusting the brightness. The side effect of adjusting the gamma is burn-outs or over-brights on white surfaces (like the rising 'smoke'). This can look bad. It is best to try slight changes.

Note 2:

Adjusting the sh_lightmapbright value (at the console) is a one way to brighten up the levels, however you will need to re-set this value on each level change. The side effect of adjusting this value is a loss in the quality of the bumpmap, normalmap and stencil shadows. As these effects are part of the major reason of using the Tenebrae engine, adjusting this value defeats the purpose of using the engine. It is much better to calibrate your monitor than to adjust this value.


Xfree 4.2
nvidia kernel driver
nvidia glx driver


To compile :

There are two versions available, SDL and 'linux'. The SDL version can be compiled with

cd sdl

The binary is called industri.sdl and can be called from anywhere. Data files are expected in /usr/local/share/games/quake/industri

The plain Linux version can be compiled with:

cd linux
ln -s Makefile.i386linux Makefile
make build_release

The binary will then be found as releasei386.glibc/bin/, it must be copied to the quake directory and be run from there. The data files are expected in ./industri unless you change MASTER_DIR in the Makefile.

Config files are stored in ~/.quake/industri for both versions.

Notes :

There maybe tons of warnings like

/usr/include/GL/glext.h:4632: warning: `PFNGLVERTEXATTRIBS3SVNVPROC'
previously declared here ../glquake.h:1039: warning: redefinition of

Maybe those typedefs in glquake.h should be conditional. If you write a patch please send it in.
Last updated on February 27th, 2008
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