Half-life Admin MOD2.50.60

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Half-life Admin MOD is an administration plugin mod to Half-Life servers.




Half-life Admin MOD project is an administration plugin mod to Half-Life servers.

Admin Mod is a Metamod plugin that allows you to administer your Half-Life server while playing the game from your client console. Multiple administrators with different permissions can be set up, each with their own password. You don't need to give your server's rcon password to all your administrators anymore.

It also supports scripts written in the Small programming language that add new features to the core program.

Here are some key features of "Half life Admin MOD":

Works on dedicated and listen servers on the Internet and on a local area network.
Set different access levels for each authorised administrator.
Reserve server slots for administrators.
Make the server a "private" server only accessible by registered users.
Kick, ban or gag disruptive players.
Change maps through direct commands or a vote
Balance teams
Restrict weapons
Over 200 contributed scripts available to provide more features

Admin Mod is compatible with all Half-Life based games that are compatible with Metamod and runs on Windows and Linux/FreeBSD operating systems. It is currently used on over half of all Half-Life servers active on the Internet.

What's New in This Release:

Added a 64bit Linux version for AMD64.
Revised Windows installer install_admin.vbs to properly detect new Steam accounts and have a more consistent user interface.
Added cvar_exists() scripting function to check if a cvar exists or not.
Added get_timer() scripting function.
Added valid_mapex() scripting function.
Admin Mod is now unloadable at any time.
Allow the use of the loopback IP in the users.ini file.
Added format directives 'l' and 'h' for snprintf() to specify long or short values.
Revised plugin_CS:
Added possibility to delete previously saved map and server default restrictions.
Added console/screenmessage when saving/deleting default restrictions.
Added a submenu to the restrictionmenu "Restrictions defaults" wich can save, delete and apply the map and server default restrictions.
Fixed a bug where admin_restrict listed the longer list of items/weapons instead of the shorter one.
Improved version detection, using the new cvar_exists() function.
Implemented team- and playerspecific restrictions.
Last updated on December 12th, 2006

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