HLDS Control Panel1.4.2

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HLDS Control Panel is a php based web app to start a Half-life dedicated server.




HLDS Control Panel is a php based web app to start a Half-life dedicated server (hlds) and any of it's mod games (CS, DOD) using a web browser.

Form driven for ease of use, and no need for shell access. Includes mapcycle admin, for editing mapcycle.txt. Written on Linux/PHP4

Here are some key features of "HLDS Control Panel":

Start/Stop server
View/Purge the build up of game log files
View/Edit/Shuffle Mapcycles
Server monitoring page
Email notify when a game is started
Limit how many game instances users can start (by port number)
Steam web gui for updating/installing steam games (dedicated servers only)
Remote listener for starting up games on other servers


Linux/Unix, a webserver, PHP, Halflife and any of the supported mods.

Developed and tested on:

Linux (Kernels 2.6.9, and 2.6.10), PHP 4.3.8 and PHP 4.3.10, and Apache 1.3.33, and 2.0.51.

What's New in This Release:

New features/enhancements include:

User editing is enabled in Useradmin
Bind to IP is now a startup option
1st release of config file editor
A version check is displayed on the main page
Steam client now has an option of DOD:Source
There is a utilites page for checking phpinfo() and write access to hlds_dirs (useful for me when helping users)
Last updated on November 9th, 2005

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