ET Pro

3.2.6 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.9/5 34
ET Pro is a the Enemy Territory Competition Mod.




ET Pro is a mod specifically targeted at competition play, with features specifically designed for administration of competition servers.

ET Pro has been chosen as the official tournament mod for STA, TWL, CAL, Clanbase, and ESL.

The official IRC channel for ET Pro is #etpro on

The ET Pro development team would like to extend thanks to the following who contributed significantly to the development of 2.0.0, without their help ET Pro would not be where it is today!

What's New in This Release:

Bug/Exploit Fixes
Ammopacks/medpacks no longer "bounce off" players if you are too close
Mounted tank browning/mg42 no longer fires low
K43/Garand unlimited grenade ammo exploit fixed
Spectating/demoplayback/multiview mg42/mortar viewpoints are much more accurate now
Battery mapscript - autospawn now works for west bunker captures
Compass now clips map icons correctly
Server no longer drops clients who haven't loaded completely on map_restart
Prone hitboxes fixed
Mine flags no longer block other mines from being spotted
Corpses and items no longer eat bandwidth when disappearing
Unused code removed. server takes 1.3m less memory and less cpu
Multiview from OSP
Wounded players now take 113 damage (6 shots) instead of 75 to force into limbo
Refs who have logged in via password may pass or cancel votes by voting yes or no on a vote.
Last updated on December 27th, 2006

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