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AMX Mod X is a Half-Life Metamod plugin.




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AMX Mod X project is a Half-Life Metamod plugin.

AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for Half-Life with the Pawn scripting language.

It provides in-game administration tools, game statistics, server management, and gameplay modifiers. It is based on the original AMX Mod.

AMX Mod X is a versatile Half-Life metamod plugin which is targetted toward server administration.

It has a wide array of scripting capabilities so people can write "plugins", or files which add on to a mod's functionality.

Plugins can take form in administrative services (adding new admin commands), statistics generation (StatsX), fun additions (godmode, etc), gameplay changes (WC3, CSDM), and much, much more!

You can also write modules to expand the functionality of AMX Mod X and add to the scripting language.

What's New in This Release:

Added amb1762: Macedonian translation (thanks z3r0Lev3L).
Added amb1635: ns_remove_upgrade() native.
Added amb1604: unregister_message() native.
Added amb1600: Trie natives for associative storage.
Added amb1365: Slovak translation (thanks Centaury).
Added amb1290: Invalid_Array handle in
Added amb1263: A new flag in users.ini, 'k' implies name/tags are case sensitive.
Added amb1167: menu_addtext() native.
Fixed amb1648: Typo in validate_menu_text.
Fixed amb1647: Brush origin retrieval was wrong.
Fixed amb1643: TFC's stats.amxx added an option it did not support to the stats config menu.
Fixed amb1642: RTE in tfc stats.sma.
Fixed amb1632: Certain mp_roundtime values could conflict with statsx.
Fixed amb1596: CSX was allocating a buffer too small for csstats.amxx.
Fixed amb1565: CCmdManager::gotAccess() had inconsistent heuristics.
Fixed amb1564: amx_chat sundry details did not obey cmdaccess.ini (patch from Teyut).
Fixed amb1545: show_activity was ignoring the last client.
Fixed amb1456: Wrong language key in vote kick/ban.
Fixed amb1452: ns_give_item() was giving wrong items.
Fixed amb1389: NS module's client_changeteam() had a reversed syntax.
Fixed amb1343: show_activity() had a messed up vformat() call.
Fixed amb1315: fread_blocks() broken due to typo.
Fixed amb1313: Hamsandwich had a typo for Sven Co-op.
Fixed amb1293: Workaround for a bug with HLDS's parsing of localinfo keys.
Fixed amb1288: amx_banip did not show time (patch from "James").
Fixed amb1267: FlagManager caused a crash if the cmdaccess.ini was not writable.
Fixed amb1218: had a typo.
Fixed amb1199: Incorrect comment for Ham_DOD_RoundRespawnEnt.
Fixed amb1175: New module and plugin did not get added to addon packages.
Fixed amb1163: float printing broke on large values.
Fixed amb1143: Typo in SetClientKeyValue().
Fixed amb1139: Menufront/plmenu now follows cmdaccess.ini changes for its additions.
Fixed amb1134: Removed unused cvar.
Fixed amb1126: dod_set_model() crashed.
Fixed amb1096: Ranking by IP caused the server to freeze.
Fixed amb1079: Threaded queries with results would crash.
Fixed amb1077: nVault wouldn't load on some Linux servers.
Fixed amb1089: amx_banip message printed twice.
Fixed amb1080: German translation typo.
Fixed amb1049: Sloppy TraceResult namings.
CS and NS did not have plmenu and slapdamage amounts in their amxx.cfg.
Plugin menu now ignores immunity if executed on self.
Mod-specific modules no longer load on mods they don't support.
AMX Mod X now uses Visual Studio 2005.
Linux builds no longer use -fPIC (smaller, slightly faster binaries).
Updated GeoIP database to August 2008.
Last updated on August 17th, 2008

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