0verkill 0.16

0verkill project is a bloody action 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 16
Petr Kulhavy
ROOT \ Games \ FPS
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0verkill project is a bloody action 2D deathmatch game in ASCII art.

It supports free connecting/disconnecting during the game, and runs well on modem lines. Graphics are in 16-color ASCII art with elaborate hero animations.

0verkill features 4 different weapons, grenades, invisibility, and armor. The package also contains reaperbot clients, a simple graphics editor, and a level editor.

Here are some key features of "0verkill":

four types of gun
counting frags and deaths
walking, running, jumping, shooting, creeping, walking up the stairs, climbing up and down ladders
automatic weapon switching
damage depending on distance and hit body part
item respawning
online help
players respawning on random places
boundless connecting/disconnecting during the game
choice of 15 different colors of hero, choice of male/female hero
ASCII-art graphics in full 16 color text mode
client-server architecture
client's motion prediction => decent running on slower lines
raw keyboard
simple level editor, but not very user friendly, currently only for initiates
graphics editor
top players list
full X support
experimental reaperbots
multi level support
lethal objects
two levels done at this moment
experimental 3D support (like stereogram)

What's New in This Release:

minor level changes (in old level)
new level (it's very lethal ;-) )
lot of cool new graphics
level negotiation (client negotiates level with server)
fixed bug with -s option
optional 3D view
lethal objects
optimized output from the avi editor
fixed segfault in the avi editor when cannot write to a file
improved avi editor - status bar, hold key
fixed several bugs in avi loader
memory leak catching mechanism (only for debugging, it's turned off by default for higher speed)

Last updated on November 4th, 2006

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