tenmado 0.7

tenmado is a hard-core shoot 'em up game in a blue-or-red world.

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3.2/5 14
Oohara Yuuma
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
tenmado project is a hard-core shoot 'em up game in a blue-or-red world.

tenmado is a vertically scrolling, late 1990s style (i.e., a massive number of enemy shots against a smaller-than-it-looks spaceship) shoot 'em up game.

A very accurate collision detection makes it a game of dexterity. If something looks like a triangle, it is a triangle, not a rectangle of similar size.

However, surviving is only 20% of the game. The main feature of tenmado is the "color chain bonus".

You can get a very big score (about 100 times bigger than a normal enemy-destruction point) by destroying enemies of the same color successively.

It is easy or difficult depending on how greedy you are.


a C library (libc) (GNU C Library is known to work)
the Simple DirectMedia Layer library (libSDL)
SDL_image (libSDL_image)
Berkeley DB version 3 (libdb3 or libdb-3) (optional, but recommended and default)

Installing tenmado

tenmado follows the standard 3-step installation process, that is:

1) ./configure
2) make
3) make install

What's New in This Release:

happy-L/normal-enemy.c: added sanity checks after tenm_sqrt()
libtenm/tenm_input.c: really fixed the default value of neutral_range
tenmado.6: command line options use a minus sign, not a hyphen
happy-L/result.c: reset timer at the beginning of the result report
README: fixed typos

Last updated on December 11th, 2006

#vertically scrolling #shoot em up #destroy enemies #tenmado #vertically #scrolling #shoot-em-up

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