shadowloss 0.1.1

A stickman-oriented game against time

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GPL v3 
Niels Serup
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
shadowloss is a side-scrolling game. You have no shadow, your limbs are all sticks, and your movements look funny. You have been transformed into a stickman.

You have the ability to run very fast --- extremely fast. You can run so fast that you are in a constant risk of hurting yourself. If you don't slow down, you're going to run straight into a wall and die.

But how to slow down, you ask?

When you were a stickboy you had trouble learning the alphabet. To this day your stickfriends still tease you. However, you have just realized that letters are everywhere, and that whenever you pass a letter while running, you just have to press that letter on your inner keyboard. This will both make you learn the alphabet and slow down (because you have to concentrate about the letter).

There is a catch: if you press a letter on your inner keyboard when you're not passing it on your running path, your mind gets chaotic, which makes you run even faster. You are forced to concentrate so that you can come to a complete stop before you reach the wall.

Optional extras

If present, shadowloss will also use these Python modules:


 * Web address:
 * License: GPLv3+
 * Installing: $ sudo easy_install termcolor
 * Author: Konstantin Lepa

Note that termcolor is included with shadowloss, so you don't really have to install it.


 * Web address:
 * License: New BSD License
 * Installing: $ sudo easy_install setproctitle
 * Author: Daniele Varrazzo


Simply running shadowloss will start the game with its default options. Running shadowloss --help will show a list of available command-line options. These options can also be specified in config files, but they cannot be changed in-game (that would clutter the interface). Config files use a property = value syntax (e.g. fullscreen = true or resolution = 640x480) separated by newlines.


shadowloss is written in Python and uses Git for branches. To get the latest branch, get it from like this:

git clone git://

A number of shadowloss mods can be fetched using git as well:

 git clone git://


Way #1

Just run this (requires that you have python-setuptools installed):

 sudo easy_install shadowloss

Way #2

Get the newest version of shadowloss at or at

Extract the downloaded file and run this in a terminal:

 python install

Last updated on January 2nd, 2011


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