jSnake 1.2

A simple arcade game in Java
jSnake is a clone of the classic snake games from Nokia cell phones. It is composed of six different levels, all available ones and of 10 difficulties.

The characters of the game are the snake (what drives you) and the mouse; the snake has a mischievous character, in fact he has a good time in to eat the mouse, the small mouse has a nice character but at the same time he is vengeful and to the first occasion he immediately shows.

The gameplay is identical to that classical, even if there is some small difference, however for the neophytes I give a brief explanation.

The actions of jSnake are very simple, you must check the snake choosing the direction that you prefer (up, low, right and left), you must not move the snake.

What you must do is to eat the small mouse so that the score you are increased but you watch out that more you eat, and the snake grows anymore, then during the game they will introduce him some bonuses, eat them because gives you a beautiful quantity of points.

Made these actions more times, you must fill the whole screen to reach the end (even if it is a "casual game" it has an end).

last updated on:
January 4th, 2011, 10:33 GMT
developed by:
Luigi Baglio
license type:
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade


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