iiChantra P.E. A.R: the yonder side of Omskow

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iiChantra borrows from Internet culture at large (including anime) and from the memes of one of the largest Russia's imageboards IIchan in particular to create an unique gaming experience, where imageboard subculture meets classic pixelart graphics, chiptune music and modern gameplay.

Controlling either SOH-chan or SAD-chan, employing a decent array of futuristic weaponry, and practicing precisely timed movement the player need to fulfill a series of missions, obliterating the numerous foes and overcoming obstacles in a fast, but not unthinking manner.

iiChantra uses its own modular and expandable game engine. Currently, the game supports up to two players sharing the same computer; highscore tables are maintained online.
Last updated on April 18th, 2012
iiChantra P.E. A.R: the yonder side of Omskow

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