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A 2D fighting framework
fighter framework
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fighter framework is a 2D arcade game written in Python and PyGame.

Developer comments

Currently, only the controls are implemented. No health bars, rounds, menus, etc.

I want this incarnation to play something like the original "International Karate", but with a few modern embellishments, like combos, blocking, and more than two players and/or more cpu players.

What works:
Attack Holds (see below)
Fluid controls with combos
Cancels (smooth transition between animations)
Player movement left, right, jumping, crouching
Hit detection, with glitz
Loading characters/fighters
Sounds on hits and misses (ripped from enter the dragon, like IK)
Recording input for playback later

Combos and special moves

 LK, MK, HK, HK => Roundhouse Kick (hit the buttons quickly)
 J, K => Jumping Kick (hit any kick during the jump)
 Back, J => Backflip
 Forward, J => Frontflip

P1 Default keys:
A: Block*
D: P
F: (F)lip. Turn character around.
Up: Jump
Down: Crouch. (try kicking)

1: Start recording
2: Pause recording*
3: Save recording*
4: Load recording*
5: Playback the recording
6: Stop playback
*not implemented/buggy
Once played, the recording is lost forever. =(
^^ obviously fix later

Attack Holds
In the original IK, attacks could be "held" on the attack frame. This is also implemented here by holding down that attack button.

Characters can be modified and animations are pretty easy to create. Open the "anim.def" files in the "fighters" folder to check it out.

Obvious bugs:
Walking animations are really ugly
Missing a turn animation
Walking past the other player causes a glitch in movement.
Hitboxes need tweaking
"Hit Confirms" do not appear where a hit occurs
Hitting different kicks at once sometimes cancels out of crouch
Animations are slower than input. You don't see every hit. pygame event handling eats ton of cpu

last updated on:
September 2nd, 2011, 7:18 GMT
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developed by:
Leif Theden
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fighter framework
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2 Screenshots
fighter framework
What's New in This Release:
  • state driver is more consistent, so game will not crash after 3 rounds
  • hit boxes can be read as overlays on each frame: no hardcoding hitboxes!
  • framerate locked at 40fps
  • timing is more accurate and consistent
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