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a2b is an abstract train game.




a2b project is an abstract train game.

You guide trains to their destination without letting them collide with each other.

Each game is played on a set of tracks on which trains run at regular intervals. You click-pick a train and accelerate, brake or stop as necessary to safely guide it to its destination.

As trains are continously launched, more than 1 train will want to use the same section of a track potentially leading to a collision.

You resolve this by making a train wait while you rush another train or even cancel a train by sending it back to its base.

When you despatch 100 trains, a level is complete. 2 more tracks are added to the network and the game continues.

a2b controls:

Click on or near a train to select it. Only 1 train can be selected at anytime.
Press UP arrow key to accelerate the selected train.
Press DOWN arrow key to brake (and reverse) the selected train.
Press LEFT or RIGHT arrow key to stop the selected train.
You can use W, S, A and D instead of UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.
Right click to pause the game.
ESC to abort or quit the game.
Use the Level Browser at the bottom of the main menu to choose a level to play.
Last updated on December 11th, 2006

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