XPilotNG 4.7.2

XPilotNG is the mother of all 2D team based space games.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
XPilotNG Team
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XPilotNG is the mother of all 2D team based space games.

XPilot NG is a multiplayer spacewar game based on the mother of all computer games: XPilot - one of the highest rated games on the linux game tome.

Xpilot is a 2D game which can be played in many modes, each man for himself, team games with carry the flag mode, a racing mode, or all out warfare with complex items such as nukes, ecm, heat seeking and smart missiles, armor, tractor beams, afterburners, warping and many more. Items are collected as powerups. Mouse or keyboard can be used to control the ship. most popular currently is team based games which involved alot of quick thinking and strategy.

XPilot NG improves XPilot in several areas. The most important improvement is the support for a new polygon based map format. The new map format allows the use of arbitrary polygons to define walls and other map constructs. Old block style maps are also supported: the server converts them to polygons automatically to take advantage of the improved wall collision detection code. Legacy XPilot clients are also supported even on new polygon maps. The server can approximate wall polygons using blocks although the approximation is not always very accurate (for obvious reasons).

XPilot NG improves the XPilot code base by removing lots of old hacks and generally cleaning up things to make further improvements easier. This clean up has made it possible for the XPilot NG development team to create a new SDL/OpenGL based client that shares much of the code and functionality of the original X client. The SDL/OpenGL client is quite usable and is tested to work on Linux, Windows and MacOS X platforms. Also, last but not least, it looks quite pretty.

What's New in This Release:

SDL client: Fixed some memory leaks, e.g. one for HUD messages.
SDL client: Texture bug fixes, should fix the bug in 4.7.1 where the ship is painted as a white box on some machines.
Server: Put back the old behaviour that dropped mines are immune to gravity. Explanation is that they are "anchored" to the map the same way as the walls are.
Server: New option ballCollisionDetaches (default false): Does a ball get freed by a collision with a player?
Replays: A fix so that big old recordings don't slow down to a crawl.
Replays: Possibility to jump forward in a recording by pressing number keys: the number pressed tells how many minutes to forward.
Several other improvements

Last updated on February 27th, 2006

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