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Is a free and Open Source clone of the fantastic and acclaimed Worms game, for Linux

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Warmux is an open source, multiplatform and freely distributed clone of the popular Worms game which was built only for the Microsoft Windows platform. It provides users with a fully playable video game that has a lot of weapons, including grenades, baseball bats, dynamite, and bazookas.

Includes numerous entertaining maps

The Warmux game comes with a wide range of attractive features that will entertain you and your friends for a long time. Among some them, we can mention teleportation, numerous entertaining maps, as well as great customization options, which will make for a great gameplay.

Warmux is played with a friend

Two human players are needed to play the Warmux game. Each player controls the team of his choice. The game is played in turns. For each turn, the player must destroy as many of his/her opponent’s pawns as possible. To win the match, one must destroy the other one completely!

You can play the game on LAN or against the AI

Each player can choose between various characters, such as penguin, firefox, gnu or wilber. Of course, the game can also be played on LAN (Local Area Network) or against the built-in and powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Being a multiplatform video game, you will be able to play the Warmux game on any GNU/Linux distribution, as well as on the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is currently supported on 32 and 64-bit computer platforms.

The game can be found on the main software repositories of various distributions of GNU/Linux, so it is recommended to install it from there if it’s possible, otherwise you must compile its source code, which is available for download for free right here on Softpedia (click the download button above).

Warmux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 6th, 2015
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