TwigMan 1.0.1

80's style platform game

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What's new in TwigMan 1.0.1:

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Evan L. Schemm
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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TwigMan - Main screenTwigMan - Playing TwigMan...TwigMan - Game overTwigMan - Score board
TwigMan is yet another 80's style arcade game from LSSU. Grab the cable testers before the students make off with them. Avoid the obstacles. Squish the students.

TwigMan is the second full fledged CSCI 321 demo game. It is designed to have the same feel as a '80s arcade game. I spent a lot of money in the '80s on video games, so I guess it's not surprising that now I make class demos of them.

TwigMan started as a fairly simple jumping game meant to demonstrate gravity and platform games. Because of chemicals released into the building air ducts, it morphed into this.

The goal of TwigMan is for Twig to re-collect the cable testers at the end of CSCI 221 (Computer Networking). Sadly, over the course of the years, a number of them have 'disappeared'. Interestingly, the students do have a remarkable tendency to leave their textbooks in the lab. And of course, Dr. Terwilliger is never far from his beverage of choice. I'm still not entirely certain how he convinced the University to move the vending machine outside the lab.

 The standard keys for TwigMan are as follows:

 5 - Insert Coin (MAME standard)
 1 - Player 1 start (MAME standard)
 Left - Move left
 Right - Move right
 Up - Jump
 F11 - Toggle Fullscreen [Mac users may need to change this to toggle FullScreen]
 P - Pause (only during normal gameplay)

These keys can be re-mapped to any keys on the keyboard by changing the default values in the file 'twigman.conf'.

Last updated on November 17th, 2008


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