A game similar to Tetris with a tubular perspective

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What's new in Tubularix

  • Fixed a bug in the color selection that can make the game crash with some Qt versions.
  • Removed path from tubularix.desktop, which can cause the game not to start.
  • Added credits in about.
  • Some little bugfixes.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.8/5 5
Miguel Escudero
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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Tubularix is a free game similar to Tetris, but seen from a tubular perspective. Game's rules and behavior are very similar to the Tetris ones. It's written in c++ with the Qt 4 libraries.

Compiling and running:

1. Uncompress the file
2. Open a console, go to the game's directory and run:
3. qmake
4. make

If compilation ends successfully, you can go to the game's directory and run tubularix

You can also run the script that creates a new tubularix.desktop file containing the right path to the game's directory (you must remove first the tubularix.desktop file located in the game's directory):



1. Uncompress the file
2. Open a console, go to the game's directory and run:
3. qmake
4. make
5. qmake (yes, you need to run it again)
6. sudo make install

If installation ends succesfully, you can start tubularix directly from a console or launch it from any application launcher.

Game controls:


P to pause and r to restart game.

Player 1:

Left and right arrows to move, down arrow to move down faster, up arrow to rotate piece counter-clockwise and space to rotate clockwise.

Player 2:

A and d to move, s to move down faster, w to rotate piece counter-clockwise and q to rotate clockwise.

Note: If two player game is selected, player 1 controls are right player's ones and player 2 controls are left player's ones.

Last updated on June 20th, 2011


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