TecnoballZ 0.92

TecnoballZ is a brick breaking game originally written for the Amiga.

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an update
GPL v3 
3.2/5 19
Bruno Ethvignot
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
TecnoballZ project is a brick breaking game originally written for the Amiga.

TecnoballZ is a "breaking blocks" game that was originally written for the Amiga platfrom. The aim is to break all the blocks in each level. The game is divided into Areas which are divided into Levels.

Between some levels, you have to defeat a guardian to pass to the next level. When passing an Area, a new edge is open.

You can buy weapons and bonuses between levels with the money earned during the game.


· XFree86 3.3.x or better
· SDL 1.2
· SDL_mixer
· Mikmod
· the GCC C++ compiler
· GNU make

What's New in This Release:

· Support for autoconf and automake was improved.
· The code was compiled with GCC 4.1.2.
· The code was considerably cleaned up and rewritten.
· The source code files and C++ classes were renamed.
· The names and variables names and comments are now in English.
· The simple copies now use SDL_BlitSurface.
· French language support was added.
· Resources files were renamed.
· The graphic files were converted from BMP to PNG.
· New graphics were realized for the 640x480 mode.
· The license was changed to the GPLv3.
· Joystick and keyboard support was added.
· GP2X and PSP are supported.
· Various bugs were fixed.

Last updated on November 20th, 2007

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